Interview with Yash Fatnani, Founder of MedeaCup

Interview with Yash Fatnani, Founder of MedeaCup – Hasty Insights

Interview with Yash Fatnani, Experienced Founder of MedeaCup with A Demonstrated History of Working in The Marketing and Advertising Industry.

Question: Please share your journey from Social Media Executive to Founder of MedeaCup. How does MedeaCup come into the picture?

Answer: Well, I had Started off as a Social Media Executive At Big Mouth Digital & Media. I was in charge of working for brands in various sectors such as Real Estate, Fashion & Lifestyle, Events & Entertainment, Health & Wellness. I also catered to a couple of Political accounts. While being there I also had the privilege to gain some experience in Client Servicing & Business Development.

This helped me gain confidence in myself which I carry forwarded by gaining clients trust & building a good rapport with them. As I was working in a startup, I got motivated to do something of my own and therefore in June 2019, I started MedeaCup with a mission to cater to all startups over the Globe by providing the Right Marketing Mix & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solutions.

Question: What has inspired you to build a Digital Marketing Agency – MedeaCup?

Answer: There are plenty of Digital Marketing Agencies across India who are mainly catering to big ticket clients and there are only a few agencies out of them who focus providing cost effective solutions to very small to mid level startups as these startups can only invest a small amount out of their capital towards Marketing, this inspired me to build an agency who can help startups with creative solutions and to get them ready for any Promotional activities.

Therefore, we reciprocate our brand as MedeaCup – Your Brand, Our Cup Of Ideas!

Question: How you promote your company on online platforms?

Answer: When it comes to promotions, we were just a startup are mainly focusing on organic promotions via posting on relevant Facebook business groups. We will expand as the need be with our in house strategy team.

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Question: I often get this question from people, where do you see Digital Marketing 5 years down the lane in India?

Answer: 5 years from now the Digital Media market will face a growth according to me as now brands have started to realize that they need to have a social footprint to outwork their competition. Each brand needs to have a voice of its own and I think Digital Media is the best way to raise a message.

Each brand needs to have a voice of its own and I think Digital Media is the best way to raise a message. - Yash Fatnani Click To Tweet

Question: These days LinkedIn is turning or called as Professional Facebook? What are your views on the same?

Answer: LinkedIn as a platform is the best to showcase your professional skills and connect to the right people. It also helps to build your network as I believe network is your net worth! As far as facebook is concerned, I think it has basically turned into a promotional machine of making money nut here two different platforms having a different set of audiences and different pros/cons. Here the key is to use them both effectively as per the different objectives, I believe.

Question: One word that best describes how you work.

Answer: Conscientious.

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Question: Any tips or suggestions for our viewers or readers especially freshers?

Answer: As per my experiences, I would suggest everyone to keep learning. Bet on your strengths and make things happen. Happen for good!

Thanks a lot, Yash Fatnani for sharing your valuable journey.

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

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