Interview with Temelko Dechev, CEO at ExpandX

Interview with Temelko Dechev, CEO
Interview with Temelko Dechev, CEO at ExpandX – Hasty Insights

Tell us about your journey into the Digital Marketing Industry. how has your journey been so far?

It all started back in 2002 when I and a few friends developed a brand new website for our school. It was all built on the Dreamweaver platform back at the time. Then it boosted quite a lot in 2008 when I took a Marketing Manager role for Fantastic Services Group, a leading domestic services provider in UK.
We’ve built a great team of sales specialists, IT specialists, digital marketing experts, designers, etc – managed thousands of websites that generated outstanding revenue figures in the British capital and delivered flawless services to many households.

For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe ExpandX?

Great marketing creates feelings people like, remember and talk about. Online & offline. We do marketing miracles since 2015. We specialise and marketing, sales and web solutions for businesses. Check to see other interesting details. Those who browse well will also find a special gift.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in London? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

London is an extremely competitive market and only those who are really the best in all the marketing and sales verticals can survive. This drive immense need for creativity, uniqueness and optimal marketing management techniques when it comes to sustainable revenue growth for brands and businesses. Nowadays the average customer is much better informed about all the options available on the market, all the UPSs, etc.
Moreover, the average customer can be literally everywhere within seconds and check information on demand. This drives the marketing industry into 3 main factors which businesses should comply if they want to be successful:
  1. build trust and manage it carefully
  2. be consistent and present with their campaigns
  3. deliver content on the multichannel environment both online and offline.

People are getting bombarded with content advertisements. In such competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience eyeballs on your content?

It’s a cliché but it is the only way. Be bold, be provocative, speak simple and be honest. Also, don’t forget – less is more. Don’t create “information noise”. Your average potential customer will run away from it immediately.

How ExpandX Marketing & Web generate new ideas for content for its clients?

Well, this is very sophisticated methodology and creative approach. We need to study our client’s business models, UPSs, ORM, run a marketing analysis and due diligence on many verticals before we land to few main creative lines that are unique for the particular business. There a fair amount of internal know-how we have built throughout the years and still apply in our daily work.
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Can you please describe important 5 crucial social media marketing trends you see for 2019 that someone should follow?

Definitely. I already listed few of them in the answers of the previous questions but here is the list:
1. Build trust
2. Stress on consistency and constant communication instead of random campaigns throughout the year
3. Work with multi-channel presence
4. Be interested in “the client” instead of showing off your business
5. Less is more

when it comes to traffic, what’s the best way to grow it? Write a lot of content very often? Or write less, but make sure it’s super-valuable? Or focus on a wide distribution strategy?

Well, this is very specific to the certain business needs and goals we would be working with. Each one of those might be the best alternative in a certain scenario. We take a very analytical approach before landing a specific answer to such questions. We need to study and analyze the business we would be working on before specifying all that.
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Do you believe “anyone can make it” and become a successful Digital Marketing Expert? Or do you feel one needs a set of core, innate skills?

I do think that anyone can make it, but I think that anyone can make it at a different price. So think twice when you jump into something and think long term. The Digital Marketing field is a new dimension of traditional marketing. All the physiological principals of marketing are still valid and are the same. In that context, space is relatively a new one. And is extremely dynamic in its development and progress.

What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to our audience in terms of Startup and Digital Marketing?

To the Startup community: try to “kill” your business with arguments why it should not exists and why it will not be successful. Benchmark and cross-check all the facts derived from various experts. If it is still “alive” go ahead. If it is not don’t be delusional and keep on with your next “eureka” moments.
To the Digital Marketing experts: build trust among your audiences, don’t forget that less is more, and communicate with your past, potential and current customers with a 360-degree approach.  Always analyze the results of your campaign. Otherwise, you are like a pilot not using the radar.

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