Interview with Sourabh Mukherjee, Growth Hacker

Interview with Sourabh Mukherjee, Growth Hacker
Interview with Sourabh Mukherjee, Growth Hacker

Could you please tell our readers who is today Sourabh Mukherjee?

Thanks for having me at Hasty Insights. I am a Digital Marketing Manager for Namdhari Fresh. I started my journey from my high-school where I had my own Page and a group which grew to about 50K Members globally. This made me explore and learn from peers and grow.I have freelanced for quite some time and worked for business across various verticals.

From there I have worked for Echidna followed by Apparel group, I consider my self very lucky that I was mentored by some of the best peoples and the challenges during these journey made me exceed my limits and become the person I am today. Apart from these I love traveling and have my own travel blog which is a sort of my hobby.

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Social Media Marketing vs SEO, you what’s your personal favorite and why?

My personal favorite is Social Media Marketing. The reason is today there are many social media channels and this will grow eventually in the future. Social Media helps the marketer to directly interact with the customers helping us to understand their behaviors is more of back end work its purely science and an art as to how to out beat the search engine.

Social Media empowers any user with the voice to interact with the brand significantly than SEO. Social media serves as Platform to show ads, Post about events achievements, Reviews, Customer Services, Selling and Communication while SEO can not serve all of these purposes.

What 3 marketing methods do you believe to be the most effective in lead generation in E-commerce?

The 3 Marketing Methods is most effective in lead generation for E-Commerce
  • Have Relevant landing page : Ensure that your landing page has the right creatives and messages which serves the purpose of visit of users, also considering the loading speed is very necessary as no body likes to wait.
  • Optimization : Monitoring your campaign constantly, having to analyze the data and to optimize accordingly would help you utilize your budget efficiently and also target right.
  • Target Audience : Know where your audience lies, this is the key for the success of a lead generation. After a few basic pilot campaigns and marketing research you can come to a decision as to where the audience lies. This helps you to decide which channels you have to focus your marketing on.

How important it is to invest in good visuals in content marketing in E-commerce Industry?

We all have heard that content is the king! But Visuals is the Queen. Whether it is banners, product images having an attractive creative helps the user decide if he would like to buy the product or not.

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I often keep a track of an competitors Visuals & Creatives. For an example if you see amazons website their Visuals & creatives have drastically improved and keeps changing according to trends, occasions they focus a lot of their resources in experimenting and implementing Visuals which captures users attention leading to sales.

We all know for the fact that Facebook’s organic reach is slowly dying. So where would you invest Instagram or Facebook or YouTube? What would you recommend to followers?

I am sure that Facebook would come up with a feature to keep their users. A few features which helped Facebook gain the ranking was Facebook live, Groups, Marketplace, usage of hash tags. We would need to just find a hack to his eventually. I like Instagram more as its a platform for creatives and we do know visuals are more powerful than any other.

Instagram these days have helped marketer like us immensely.Even Instagram is working on many updates which made our work easier for example the Instagram shopping linked to websites. YouTube for me has helped in branding, to gain customer’s trust with reviews. My suggestion would be to the followers is be curious, question every thing that makes you wonder. I would invest in all 3 channels each serve a specific purpose.

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What are those 5 crucial e-Commerce marketing trends you see for 2019 that someone should follow?

The 5 crucial e-Commerce marketing trends are
  • AI : Many big players are already having this avenue implemented and utilize it to help them get better
  • Automation : E commerce is these days focusing majority of its work to be automated we have achieved a lot till 2019 and yet a long way to go.
  • Voice Search : We have just scratched the surface, I am pretty sure that big players are already having this set up and experimented as its going to be a big thing. Who likes to type right !! When you can speak yes Lazy we are.
  • Mobile Device Advertisement’s : There are talks about advertisement’s in mobile devices like your smart watches and other wearable which is going to be a game changer.
  • User experience : From your creatives, marketing strategy , Messaging every thing is basically made to help the user make their decision to buy or not. User experience is the most important aspect of all.

According to your opinion or data you have, which is the Social Media Network with more engagement in 2019?

  • There is this buzz going on about TikTok which has gained a lot of popularity though there were a few impacts.
  • LinkedIn was also ignored a few years back but now its an platform where what not can be achieved.
  • Quora is also an platform which is making new amends to retain their users and engagement and also contribute to gaining trust & bringing traffic to the website.

Which one online tool you couldn’t live without?

Google Analytics is one tool which I cant live with. I feel this tool is a boon for fellow marketers & entrepreneurs. Best part is its free and gives your accurate data with various features to track from the web to your apps Certain Paid tools also can not match their capability and features.

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Do you believe “anyone can make it” and become a successful Digital Marketing Expert? Or do you feel one needs a set of core, innate skills?

“I Believe You Can” These were the words told by my Mother. I believe any one can become a successful marketer if they set they are passionate and set their heart to it. To me Marketing is like a passion, every time I try to create a new campaign or market a new product I am excited like its the first time and give my 100%. I am an Engineer By Degree and Marketer By Passion.

What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to the stragglers in digital marketing?

Don’t give up, Keep hustling you would make it for sure as I said Any one can.

A few key take always would be: always be curious, Question every thing that comes to your mind, Never fear failure’s its very much needed for one to be successful, Keep Learning no matter how experienced you are it does not cost you.

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