Interview with Sagar Sethi, Managing Director – Xugar Design

Interview with Sagar Sethi, Managing Director - Xugar Design
Interview with Sagar Sethi, Managing Director – Xugar Design

In this interview, Sagar Sethi, Managing Director – Xugar Design, talk about Digital Marketing Trends.

You are a well-known expert, however, please introduce yourself to our new readers (who aren’t fortunate yet to know about you).

Sagar Sethi, MD at Xugar. We’re a digital marketing agency located on South Melbourne, Victoria. Since over a decade, I have been interested in implementing digital growth strategies across various industries for small to medium businesses. I believe everyone needs to invest in Digital Marketing to grow their business.

With the speed at which our markets change, every business needs to create a strong presence online and take advantage of the Search Engines and Social Platforms. I Started Xugar because the digital marketing industry started getting flooded with ’so called gurus’ who promise the world and deliver nothing. At Xugar we focus on one thing – increasing your bottom line. All our strategies are backed by verifiable data and proven case studies. We’re a strictly no-fluff agency.

You started off with Team Manager, which ended up Managing Director of Xugar Design, Can you please tell us to our readers some of your tactics in order to increase the sales using Digital Marketing? Is there any formula for doing that?

There is no formula but a golden rule of marketing that applies to every strategy, it needs to be seen. No matter how much money you flood into your campaigns, but if your ads, websites, landing pages or even billboards are not seen consistently by the your target audience, you cannot expect it to work. If and when your channel of advertising is abundant, other factors like advocacy building, value add, conversion strategies etc come into effect to increase the ROI.

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Many firms just implement one strategy and hope for the best with their fingers crossed. This spray and pray approach does not work any more. Every buyer needs to trust you before they buy from you. We only buy from people we trust. This can be achieved either by repetition or by massive value add in the first touch point itself. Instead of getting customers, people should focus on building life long advocates for their brand. You cannot go wrong with that.

What was the most challenging aspect of faced in the early stage of any client websites? And which KPIs should be monitored in the beginning?

We face new challenges every day. However, like everything some cases have recently caught my attention. We had a client who had ’tried’ SEO for a year and received absolutely no results. Right after the discovery meeting, we realised there has to be something wrong. We looked at all the aspects of technical SEO, then realise the website is not getting indexed on Google. Works out, there was a nasty redirect loop script installed in the site by the previous SEO company before they left them. Acts like this spoil the industry. However, out team had it sorted within a day.

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Like this, we have many stories. However, in the early stages on any campaign, it is important to understand the expectations of the client. Work out what they wish to see more of – calls, form fills, traffic or sales. Then investigate what key phrases will get then the actual conversions. Simply selecting phrases with search volume does not cut it. There needs to be a buying intent associated to every targeted KW. After the right KWs are in place, it is important to work on achieving the ranks on search engines. SEO is mostly On-Page now. It is important to get that right.

let’s discuss content marketing. From your experience, how long does it take to start converting new visitors into returning visitors?

Content marketing is like cash-flow for your business. Without cash-flow, business would starve and without content marketing your marketing strategy would. Content marketing ensures your TOFU is always growing. If you have rich top of the funnel, your nurturing stage will get you consistent flow of qualified leads, sales and esquires.

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You aim should always be to add value and bring them back for more. If your target audience reads your blogs, watched your video or post, they should feel that they want more. They either can learn more and intern grow their business or buy the best product they need desperately need because the review they watched, left them in a state of FOMO.

when it comes to ROI, what’s the best way to grow it? Write a lot of content very often? Or write less, but make sure it’s super-valuable? Or focus on a wide distribution strategy?

Its the loudest that people listen to in a noisy room. The amount of market you capture is directly proportional to how many people get to see you everyday. Don’t get me wrong, its a healthy mix of ‘How Many’ X ‘Real Value Adding’ content pieces you publish on a daily basis.

According to your opinion or data you have, which is the Social Media Network with more engagement in 2019?

Facebook and TikTok will be the most actively used platforms in 2019. I used to like Instagram, however TikTok speaks to the millennial’s the best. Facebook because of its strong adaptive strategy & integration of Libra will do wonders in the years to come. See how successful WeChat is in China. I believe Facebook is diversifying its potential faster that we think.

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What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to the stragglers and Entrepreneur?

The only difference success is what comes after many failures. I strongly believe that if you make yourself worthy, it will Coe to you without delay.

What are your life and leadership mantra?

Take Massive Action, Fail, Un-Learn, Learn, Repeat.

Thanks a lot, Sagar Sethi for sharing your valuable journey. Watch more on YouTube.

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

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