Interview with Ruchi Jaju, Content Writer and Digital Marketer

Interview with Ruchi Jaju, Content Writer and Digital Marketer
Interview with Ruchi Jaju, Content Writer and Digital Marketer

Thanks a lot for being with us today. Could you share a few words about yourself to our readers?

Thank you so much Hasty Insights team. I am a content writer, content strategist, a personal branding and business development consultant. With an overall work experience of over 7 years of which I have worked in B2B sales and marketing functions in FMCG sector for over 5 years; I have a strong understanding of people’s psyche and thus I can address the pain points of the target audience very well. I am determined to make my own path and I firmly believe in the power of self; hence I have also coined the hashtag #resilientruchi for my LinkedIn posts.

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Video content has become the most popular part of a Social Media Campaign. Nothing is as much catchy and attractive as video content is. What kind of content must a marketer highlight garner maximum attention of the viewers?

Undoubtedly, video content is the most popular form of content these days on social media. Content marketers who use video content who use video content get a 66% higher conversion rate than those who don’t use it.

According to a Google report of 2016, almost 50% of internet users look for product or service-related videos before going to a store.

Depending on the type of business or industry, you are in, you can choose any of the following types of video content which are popular with viewers online:
  • Product explainer video
  • Demo video
  • Client testimonials
  • Customer feedback
  • Blind test videos
  • Storytelling videos
  • Experience sharing videos
  • Employee advocacy videos

There can be so many types that one can select from. Primarily, what is important is to be able to grab the attention of the viewers and be creative in your approach. Experiment with different kinds of content. You can even keep a mix of imagery, audio-visual, info-graphics, eBooks, white papers, etc.

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The most engaging form of contents is often where people find a connect with a product or service. So irrespective of the content type that you chose, you must ensure that it evokes a certain emotion, reflects authenticity or builds credibility for your brand.

People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience eyeballs on your content?

Accept it or not, advertisements are annoying to most of the viewers or visitors online. But the online platform is such that you cannot escape from advertisements.

The right way to target audience eyeballs on your content is to keep your content attractive, interesting, informative and unique. Be original! That is the best advice I can give to anyone trying to market themselves online. Don’t blindly follow the herd.

But the bottom line remains the same, talk about something that your target audience wants you to address. Do your research properly and then put it in the form of different content formats and see what works for you. If things don’t work for you then ask your target audience, what is it that can be improved. Your target audience is a human after all and who doesn’t like giving a suggestion or opinion; it makes you feel valuable.

Don’t hesitate to experiment.

If things don’t work for you then ask your target audience, what is it that can be improved. Click To Tweet

Content vs. Technology innovations in Social Media – what do you think is the current strength of the Indian social media market and where do you think we lack expertise currently?

Technology innovation is certainly on a boom now in Indian social media if we were to consider the growing popularity of TikTok and ShareChat. Having said that, India is still an adapter and not a creator of most of the technology innovations.

For me, content is a clear-cut winner between the two considering the Indian market. Indian market is full of some amazing content creators who amaze me every time with their extra-ordinary work.

I don’t think that there is any dearth of expertise but maybe lack of proper marketing or technological innovations from the Indian market.

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Which is more important, data or content to the future of marketing?

Data for sure is more important to the future of marketing. The effectiveness of any marketing campaign cannot be assessed without data analysis.

However, data plays a back-end role; if the content is not powerful enough then even the best marketing efforts fail to succeed. Both go together, it must be a balanced mix of both.

How do you generate new ideas for content on your platform?

I will tell you a few of my favorite techniques of getting new content ideas which are –

  • Follow Twitter trends
  • Check Quora questions of the areas of your interest or expertise
  • Engage with your network through comments
  • Interact with your new connections and try to know more about them
  • Read posts related to your followed hashtags or connections
  • Give yourself a break from thinking and just sit and spend time in nature

Often, I get a lot of ideas at the most unexpected time and places. So, I always keep a diary with me or take notes on the mobile, whenever anything comes to my mind.

These tips are of great help to me from time to time whenever I want to create any new content piece. I check a couple of them before creating new content or just turn my diary pages and find treasures hidden there 😊.

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Something you do better than others – the secret of your content writing strategy?

The secret of my content writing has always been a personal touch to all my content pieces. Following trends is one thing but I ensure to add authenticity to my content. And sharing my personal experiences from different walks of life has really helped me to connect to my target audience.

Plus, I like to engage with my audience through my content. Hence, I like to ask them questions so that they respond to it.

For me, the human connect is too vital. My intention has always been to add value to my target audience and provide them insights which would be helpful to them.

This is a secret of my content writing and although the secret is now revealed, nobody can take my experiences away from me and that’s what makes it unique 😊. It is just a matter of penning it down.

Thanks a lot, Ruchi Jaju for sharing your valuable journey.

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

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