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Parmveer Singh Sandhu
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Parmveer Singh is the founder and digital marketing trainer at Quibus Trainings, a leading digital marketing training institute in Jaipur. He is also the Head of Growth at Quibus Technosys, the digital marketing agency helping various national and international businesses in increasing their business revenues through digital marketing.

So, let’s begin the interview with Mr. Paramveer Singh to know more about his journey, experience and future growth of the digital marketing industry.

#1 Hi, Parmveer please tell us something more about yourself

Hello, I am Parmveer Singh Sandhu the founder of Quibus Trainings Digital Marketing Institute, in Jaipur. Teaching is my passion and from the past few years, I have been teaching entrepreneurs, freshers, and professionals, many of whom are successful digital marketers, YouTubers, Bloggers, and business owners.

From the past eight years, I’m also running a digital marketing agency in Jaipur, Quibus Technosys. I’ve helped various organizations in creating valid traffic, developing effective digital marketing strategies, and multiplying business revenues through dedicated web marketing solutions.

Apart from the regular work as a marketer, I also love sharing my experience and knowledge of digital marketing and hence, I have been invited as a speaker to various digital marketing events at Jaipur and all over Rajasthan.

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#2 Please share your journey. How did you get started and became one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Jaipur?

Well, the journey started when I hired some professionals to do digital marketing for my blog who did not provide any results. Being dissatisfied with their work I decided to learn on my own. I read blogs, saw videos, did experiments and learned the concepts of SEO and Digital Marketing.

Back in the day, when we started in 2012 digital marketing was not as popular as it is now. Some of my knowns asked me, whether I can teach Digital Marketing to them, I agreed and that’s how my journey of teaching began.

Even Quibus Trainings was the first institute in Jaipur who started the professional teaching of digital marketing. 

Till now I have taught over 800 successful trainees from all over Rajasthan. Even students from Bihar and Assam are also coming here to learn digital marketing.

#3 Would you like to share about the services you provide at Quibus Technosys?

Yes, Of Course. Our main focus is on SEO. So we are into Local, International, E-Commerce and Enterprise SEO. Apart from it we also provide PPC services, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing and Business Blog Management.

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#4 What are the Top Digital Marketing trends for 2020?

As per my experience, digital marketing will see robust growth in 2020, especially if I talk about India. The number of smartphone users is expected to reach 401.74 million by the end of  2020, so for digital marketing, there is a vast scope in the coming year.

The major trends which I expect for 2020 are –

  1. Video marketing will expand
  2. Engaging Content focusing on user intent will be prioritized.
  3. 2020 will see growth in Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Voice search will become more popular
  5. SEO will be focused on branding

#5 Since, we are seeing that video content is getting very popular these days, what kind of content you think marketers should produce to gain maximum viewership?

The shift from text to images and now to videos is clearly visible. Even, we all know that YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. So, considering today’s scenario it’s very important for marketers to focus more on video content.

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Same as text, the content of the video should be focused on the target customers. Along with it, the video should be catchy, not too long and as a marketer you should always keep in mind the initial 10 to 15 seconds, it’s the time in which a viewer takes his decision to watch or move on. So, understand your customers and develop effective video content.

#6 Do you think Digital Marketing could be learned by anyone? What are the qualities an aspiring digital marketer must possess?

See, digital marketing is a serious career, just like Engineering or CA. So, the first and foremost thing a person must possess is, he should be wholeheartedly committed to learning digital marketing. I always suggest people who want to learn digital marketing just for the sake of some basic knowledge, to learn it through free online videos and avoid joining a classroom course.

But, apart from being sincere towards learning an aspiring digital marketer must possess the following qualities –

  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Good analytical skills
  • Should be a keen observer
  • And of course, hard work and commitment

#7 How do you manage everything so well, you’re the trainer at Quibus Trainings and also the head of Growth at Quibus Technosys?

Well, first of all, thank you, but I must say it’s always a bit difficult to manage everything, my schedule remains hectic the entire day. But yes, I am able to manage everything because of my supporting and trustworthy team members. So all the credit goes to them, they are doing everything I’m just a representative.

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#8 Where do you see Quibus Trainings after 5 years?

It’s very difficult to predict for 5 years is a long time. But we are planning to develop some long term courses to help students shape their careers right after 12th. We also want to provide digital marketing training to startups and small business owners so they could market their products and services on their own.

#9 What is your goal for 2020?

Well, not only for 2020 but for every coming year, my goal is to help more and more people in the digital arena. Whether, by teaching digital marketing or by providing digital marketing services, I deeply want to spread the aroma of digital marketers everywhere.

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#10 It’s been news around that AI might take over Digital Marketing. So are you planning to learn AI?

First of all, AI can never overtake digital marketing. It may ease the process, but human intervention could never be fully eradicated.

Now, if I talk about learning AI, so No right now I’m not planning to learn it but, yeah of course if I will get a chance to work on AI platform then I won’t miss the opportunity.

#11 There are various institutes providing Digital Marketing Courses? How are Quibus Trainings different?

Well, there are various criteria which makes us different from other institutes –

  • Our batch size is limited.
  • We don’t have any faculty system, I myself teach all the modules.
  • We provide individual attention to each and every student

Apart from it, I have a passion for teaching, so I love imparting digital marketing knowledge to my students.

#12 Why Digital Marketing is a good choice for Entrepreneurs, students, and Marketing professionals in 2020?

For Entrepreneurs: 

Even if you are offline, your customers are online. So to capture the market and gain customers, knowledge of digital marketing is a must. You could also save money by doing in-house digital marketing.

For Students: 

Learning digital marketing right after 12th will not only add in your career profile but you can also earn good income via blogging, e-commerce, youtube videos, etc. in your spare time while pursuing your graduation and higher education.

For Professional: The Internet is the future of almost every industry you are working in. So digital marketing can help you achieve better results in your industry.

#13 Last Question, can you suggest some blogs to stay updated in Digital Marketing?

Yes, of course, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Google Webmasters, Moz, Hubspot and Backlinko, these are some of the platforms which I go through to keep myself updated.

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