Interview with Jamie Kritharas, Founder at Defiant Digital

Interview with Jamie Kritharas, Founder at Defiant Digital
Interview with Jamie Kritharas, Founder at Defiant Digital

Tell us about your journey into the Digital Marketing Industry. How has your journey been so far?

Our first year has been an incredible ride! We merged with ESPL media who have worked with the likes of Fendi, Sony Music, Bacardi and more and we have a current client roster of 9 businesses across various niche’s from women’s e-commerce brands to truck sales companies. Being able to work with different types of businesses has given us a really clear insight into what’s working well in the digital marketing space.

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For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Defiant Digital?

Defiant Digital is a team of digital marketers, creatives and web developers that plug into any business to handle all aspects of marketing strategy. Instead of hiring a whole team or trying to liaise with a number of different contractors, we offer our clients a 360 solution to online marketing at a fraction of the cost and provide you with an experienced team that’s working with over 50K in ad spend a month, constantly testing and discovering the best strategies.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in Australia? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

Australia has been heavily impacted by digital marketing, but in a very positive way in my eyes. Just like the rest of the world, businesses here can now track and report on every dollar that’s being spent on ads to make more calculated decisions based on data. Unlike print media, digital is so agile and allows businesses to move quickly for little cost when things aren’t working.

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Of course, the competition in the space has risen drastically at the same time, but the trend that’s standing out to me the most is that successful companies in the online space are truly leveraging the power of video and written content and they’re also providing immense value upfront with their ads, rather than going straight in for the kill with a sales pitch!

People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such a competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience’s eyeballs on your content?

By having empathy for your audience and providing value to them upfront. Period

What are some crucial social media marketing trends you see for 2019 that someone should follow?

I strongly believe that everyone, but especially people in the b2b landscape should be leveraging the organic reach that’s on Linkedin right now, it’s basically how Facebook was 5 years ago. You can put up posts without having too many followers and you will get engagement, people will see your posts and your profile will grow organically.

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Tiktok is also another huge platform that’s exploded with a very young audience. People believe that they should only make content on there if they are targeting young people, but that’s a narrow-minded way of thinking in my eyes. The kids there are young, but they are the “influencers” of their parents. Brands need to start getting creative about how they leverage these 2 platforms and by getting on it sooner rather than later, their ROI of time invested will be huge!

When it comes to traffic, what’s the best way to grow it? Write a lot of content very often? Or write less, but make sure it’s super-valuable? Or focus on a wide distribution strategy?

I used to think that it was quality over quantity but then I realized that you actually can’t get to quality if you don’t have quantity. Think about it, if you are only making 10 pieces of content a year then that’s only 10 chances to “split test” your audience to see what they like. If you’re making 50 pieces of content a year then you will get a much clearer picture of what sort of content is resonating with your audience, and then hone in on what’s working for you.

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I think this is the key to driving more traffic because the next step is to amplify the pieces of content that are working organically, it’s obvious that they are naturally resonating with a lot of people, so it shows you where you need to spend your ads budget to drive more traffic to your blog, page, etc.

Do you believe “anyone can make it” and become a successful Digital Marketing Expert? Or do you feel one needs a set of core, innate skills?

Anyone can do anything, I’m a firm believer in that! In saying that, just like anything else you need to have the passion and a true love for marketing and business to be successful in this field. Digital marketing is one of those industries that changes day by day, the skills you’ve learned today could be ancient by next year, so you have to have a thirst for learning and always be agile and ready to adapt to change. If you have those qualities, you’ll go far in this game!

What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to our audience in terms of Startup and Digital Marketing?

Keep it lean! In the early days it’s so easy to start throwing money around when your first clients come through the door, but be prepared to grind for months on your own and handle every single aspect of the business yourself. Not only will it help you with cash flow in the early stages, but it gives you an incredible understanding of your business.

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When you bring on your first staff members you know exactly what their role is from start to finish and can help them develop their skills and relationships with your clients. It also helps you to create systems right from the start which is the number one thing that will help you scale the business. Lastly, and most importantly. have fun! A lot of the coaches and “expert mentors” out there are pitching you a get rich quick scheme and showing you how their clients made 100K in 4 weeks or something ridiculous like that.

Truth is, building a meaningful, ethical business that services it’s clients properly takes time to build, and if you aren’t having fun along the way it’s going to be a very long and painful journey.

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