Interview with Himanshu Sharma, Founder & Digital Optimizer

Interview with Himanshu Sharma
Interview with Himanshu Sharma, Founder & Digital Optimizer

Tell us about your journey into the Digital Marketing Industry. how has your journey been so far?

I started my career as a digital marketer in an e-learning company. I was in charge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Generating leads and sales through websites. Then I worked as an SEO for many years in several national and multinational companies before I started my own business.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in the UK? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

Businesses (esp. mom and pop stores, high street retailers) have started to really understand that just having a website is not enough. They also need to market their products/services online if they want to remain in business for the foreseeable future.

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Businesses (esp. big) can no longer rely on their brand name to sell their products. People are no longer as brand loyal as they used to be. They must provide value, they must interact with their audience, they must be very active on social media and they must resolve complaints/customers issues ASAP if they want to maintain their market share.

People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience eyeballs on your content?

Tell emotionally engaging stories that hook your audience.

Content vs. Technology innovations in Social Media – what do you think is the current strength of the Indian social media market and where do you think we lack expertise currently?

I am not familiar with the Indian social media market much. However, I do get messages which blatantly promote product and services. Such type of outreach is outdated and it rarely works. People will not buy from you unless they know you. So first work on having a small conversation. Build relationships and authority and only then promote your product/service.

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Don’t be lazy. Don’t try to take shortcuts. If you think, all you need to do to sell is copy-paste the same message to a hundred different people on LinkedIn or Facebook, it is not going to work. Provide value first.

How do you generate new ideas for content on your platform?

Through google search. Find out what people are searching for related to your topic and then write about it in great detail.

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Can you please important 5 crucial social media marketing trends you see for 2019 that someone should follow?

Talk to your audience. Don’t ignore them. Video content is the future. If you can do regular Facebook/LinkedIn lives and provide value then that is awesome. Use as many social platforms as possible. Don’t just stick to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Use Instagram, tiktok, snap chat, etc. Use chatbots to automate certain interactions with your target audience.

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when it comes to traffic, what’s the best way to grow it? Write a lot of content very often? Or write less, but make sure it’s super-valuable? Or focus on a wide distribution strategy?

Write a lot of content and very often. It goes without saying that the content needs to be valuable.

Do you believe “anyone can make it” and become a successful Digital Marketing Expert? Or do you feel one needs a set of core, innate skills?

Anyone can make it. It just takes time, patience and practice.

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What’s the easiest of all to learn and why? SEO, SEM, SMM, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. Which of these do you think has the maximum scope in the future?

They all are easy to learn but implementing them, is the real challenge. They all have their place and nothing is better than the other.

What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to our audience in terms of Startup and Digital Marketing?

Become a content-generating machine. Get ready to sacrifice almost all your free time and weekends.

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