Interview with Diana Marks, Founder at Lux Digital Media LLC

Interview with Diana Marks, Founder at Lux Digital Media LLC
Interview with Diana Marks, Founder at Lux Digital Media LLC

Tell us about your journey, What made you start Lux Digital Media LLC?

I worked as a blogger, content creator and influencer for 8 years now, and self-managed myself throughout my entire career. As a result, I got to interact with brands face-to-face, and hear their struggles that come from influencer marketing. I decided to provide a solution for them, where we help them grow their Instagram accounts with their own targeted audience, brand their accounts, help them tell a compelling story and connect with their audience for a fraction of influencer marketing campaign rates.

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How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in the USA? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

As people spend more and more time on their phones, naturally Digital Marketing is continuing to be on the rise with more and more budgets and forces allocated to it by the companies. I see a lot of digital marketing “experts” popping up, and I believe that brands are overwhelmed. Some hire in-house digital marketing teams, that might not be equipped enough, but somehow they believe that this will bring them the most value.

Video content has become the most popular part of a Social Media Campaign. Nothing is as catchy and attractive as video content is. What kind of content must a marketer highlight garner maximum attention of the viewers?

A video has to be emotional, relatable, quick and fun. There is so much psychology that goes behind it.

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Would you like to share a few words about the Digital Marketing and Analytics services at Lux Digital Media LLC?

We specialize entirely on Instagram growth, and ironically enough, we started relying on Instagram’s own analytics more and more to track our performance. Before that, platforms like Sprout Social, Brand 24 and Iconosquare were the ones we used consistently.

What is your thought on ‘All of A Sudden Rise of Digital Marketing Agency‘ – Do you think this market is going to saturate in another few years?

Absolutely. Just like any market, once there is a rise of demand, there is an over-increase of supply. It will be hectic at first, as brands won’t know who to hire, but eventually, things will balance out. Only real experts will survive. Others will fall off the train, as they won’t be able to deliver.

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What do you feel are the most underrated skills in a marketing team these days?

Content editor, creative feed planning – these are highly valuable skills that somehow get overlooked easily by clients, as they are very much focused on numbers. And while numbers are definitely important, there is a lot more that goes into “branding”.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for social media marketing professionals over the next year?

The rise of competition, and constant improvement of their own skills. Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving fast-moving world.

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People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience eyeballs on your content?

Be relatable and stay grounded. Care about your audience (and don’t be afraid to show it). Work with influencers that have a similar target audience and invest in paid ads. Consistency is key.

Content vs. Technology innovations in Social Media – what do you think is the current strength of the social media market and where do you think we lack expertise currently?

I think we reached a peak of content excellence, but tech innovation in social media is an ever-evolving beast that will always need improvement.

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How do you generate new ideas for content on your platform?

We have an amazing creative team, and having a team is key. Bouncing fresh ideas off each other definitely helps in building something great and innovating.

Which is more important, data or content to the future of marketing? Why?

Both, one doesn’t exist without another.

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