Interview with Darren Hobbs, Founder at DMH Digital Marketing

Interview with Darren Hobbs, Founder at DMH Digital Marketing
Interview with Darren Hobbs, Founder at DMH Digital Marketing – Hasty Insights

Tell us about your journey into Digital Marketing Industry. how has your journey been so far?

The journey has been amazing. Coming from a background of working a usual 9-5 office job to slowly transitioning into a role where I am my own boss and maker, and having a direct relation to the results the business brings is extremely fulfilling. It’s hard work without a doubt and these things take 10X longer than people think, but its when you start to see the changes you are making for not only your business, but for other businesses – its great.

I started my journey into Digital Marketing about 18 months ago where I bought an online course relating to Social Media (have a guess who that might have been from…). I remember I literally had to sell some of my stuff to pay for the course! But it was really worth it. The course didn’t show you all the advance stuff or business knowledge, but it was designed to open your eyes to a way of helping other businesses grow. It 100% did that for me and I never regret making that decision.

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What strategies do you guys adopt and what has been impact of each of these? SEO, SEM, SMM etc.

Non-digital marketing wise, the strategy I adopt is building relationships with business owners. We’ve got a great sales process that makes it easier to get out there, speak to business owners and assist them with services they need. Once that relationship is built, we strive to keep them for a long time. You hear stories of agencies going through a 3-6 month rotation of clients. So far we’ve never had that issue.

Digital Marketing wise, we firstly make sure the clients website is up to scratch. No point at all doing SEO/FB/Google Ads/etc. if the website is shit. You could spend as much money as you can enticing customers to convert or buy, but if the site isn’t up to scratch – they leave. Once we’ve assisted the client with that work, we recommend different services that’s tailored to their business. I honestly don’t see the point in providing different ‘packages’ to other clients.

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We spend the time working out a solution and meeting customers face to face. That’s how we’ve never had a client leave us yet. Most of our clients are SEO or Google Ads clients and its great hearing them saying they’re getting more clients through the door. Knowing you were a part of that, helping them earn more money – it’s the best.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in Australia ? What are top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

It’s strange at the moment. You hear of some agencies smashing it with results, and you hear of agencies taking advantage of businesses. Digital Marketing in Australia seems to be at the point where people are posting results of what they do for their clients which might be atypical. I get the intent behind it, but I fell its better to show the day-to-day operations/grind of the business.

A lot of businesses aren’t putting their ‘personality’ in to the work either, it seems to be a mundane or ‘one-size-fits-all’ affair. I do know of a few people who are crushing it and are genuinely interested in their clients, and I know of others that don’t want to or can’t verify their work and don’t seem to care about the client’s business. One of our last clients came from the latter.

Other trends I’m seeing at the moment is people are still trying to win at the FB ads game, and larger businesses that wouldn’t normally be doing Digital Marketing (like newspapers for example) are entering that realm now. It’s strange as I said before, so keen to see how this all plays out in a couple of years.

How do you see Digital Marketing evolving in future? What are the top three trends do you foresee for 2020?

I heard this from a good friend of mine, and he mentioned that Amazon will be the next big thing. Once they’ve figured out how to do something like Facebook Ads, it’ll be a game changer. I totally agree and are also keen to see what they do.

Top three trends I see for 2020 will be more video (since they get higher engagement), a less ‘informal’ way of how these videos are recorded (for example from just a mobile phone rather than a full camera setup), and more people trying to get in to the informant game. Expect to see more courses being sold I’d say.

What is your view about “Relevancy Can Boost Your Ranking”?

100% correct. Otherwise if you’re trying to get customers to notice what you do, but you have no relevancy or authority in the matter, you’ll loose them. Google already know this with the ‘EAT’ principle.

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Which Social Media Metrics Actually Matter? Why?

Conversions and ROAS. You need to track if you’re profitable. One of Frank Kern’s rules in Marketing is ‘never loose money’. You need to have metrics that show that. Marketing should never be an expense.

How to keep user engagement on Social Media’s…

Video and making interesting content. Be unique in your content that its hard for people to make the same content as you.

Can you share some of the age-old Advertising Principles that Are Still Relevant Today

Branding is still important as it was ages ago. Have a think – people in third world countries know of McDonalds, Coke Cola, Nike, etc because they’re all brands. They have a service and they sell stuff I get that, but they’ve got a whole story behind them. They have such high notoriety in their field, and that comes from Branding. Branding allows the customer to listen and relate to your story.

And just keep things simple.

Which Google Analytics Metrics Should Everyone need to Track?

Exact same as Social Media metrics, conversions and ROAS. Again, Marketing should never be an expense.

Thanks a lot, Darren Hobbs for sharing your valuable journey.

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

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