Interview with Corrie Jones, CEO & Founder @ UNTAPPED

Corrie Jones Interview
Interview with Corrie Jones, CEO & Founder @ UNTAPPED

For our initial piece in The Experts Interview series, we had the opportunity to discuss with Corrie Jones about her thoughts on digital marketing and the challenges of running an UNTAPPED social media marketing Agency.

Question: For those who haven’t heard about you, what is the best way to describe Corrie Jones?

Ans: I’m the founder of a social media marketing agency, UNTAPPED, and host of the podcast Self-Made Women. I live in London, but travel whenever I can, and in my spare time I like to relax and spend time with friends and family (although 3 years into founding a business, you can imagine a lot of my ‘spare’ time goes into working on the business, as I love what I do!)

Question: Being one of the pioneers in digital marketing you have helped many professionals to solve their digital marketing challenges. What are some of the common challenges that the companies are facing across industries?

Ans: A really common challenge we see, particularly with social media marketing, is companies not being able to innovate fast enough and therefore getting left behind. If your company structure and way of operation leans towards not wanting to try new things, or not having the talent and knowledge in-house to implement them, it’s very difficult to keep up with the fast-moving demands of being digital-first.

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My pet peeve is hearing someone say “but we’ve never done it that way before” to try and bat down a new idea. Social media marketing for businesses has really only been around for 15 years, and strategies are changing and developing all the time. You need to be open to trying new things and seeing what gets the best traction with your audience.

Question: How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in the UK? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

Ans: I think there’s a lot more transparency now between businesses and consumers – because there has to be. Brands are held to higher account than they might have been before the age of social media, as consumers are so quick to point out when a brand’s ethics doesn’t meet their standard. Personalisation is another huge trend, consumers aren’t impressed by mass digital marketing that doesn’t appeal to them and their unique lives.

With the amount of data targeting and AI messaging tools that brands can use now, a personalised user journey should be becoming the norm.

Question: Can you share some statistics that will inspire people to understand the scope of Digital Marketing?

Ans: We posted some stats about Facebook on UNTAPPED’s Instagram page recently and they blew my mind. In just one minute on Facebook, 4 million likes are generated, 243,055 photos are uploaded and 100,000 friend requests are sent. The amount of content that gets posted to social media now is overwhelming – it’s why brands are having to do more and more to stand out from the crowd.

Question: What’s the easiest of all to learn and why? SEO, SEM, SMM, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. Which of these do you think has the maximum scope in this Industry?

Ans: My focus has always been on social media marketing, so I’m biased towards that – but I don’t know if I’d say it’s easiest to learn! There’s a lot of information online that teaches people about social media and how to use it for business, but there’s also a lot of misinformation so you have to be careful about who you’re learning from.

Question: Can you talk a little about UNTAPPED’s Digital Marketing Journey? What strategies do you guys adopt and what has been impacting by each of these? SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.

Ans: With our clients, we specialise in creating strong content marketing strategies, supported by paid social media advertising. I love the power of content marketing, but if a business is serious about growing their social media then you need a paid advertising budget in place. What’s the point in creating great content if no one’s seeing it?

Question: People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such competitive space, what are the ways UNTAPPED is targeting audience eyeballs through your content?

Ans: It’s true, we live in a time of complete content overwhelm! The key here is how relatable your content is to your target audience. I always say that being a good social media marketing involves being creative, analysing data, and having a knowledge of psychology.

The extent to which your content is ‘relatable’ really sits under that third bracket of psychology – knowing what your audience wants to see and when, why, and how. If your content is relatable, then it’s most likely to be shared, which is when your audience grows and you get more eyeballs on your content.

Being a Good Social Media Marketing Involves Being Creative, Analysing Data, and Having A Knowledge of Psychology. - Corrie Jones Click To Tweet

Question: Why is social media marketing important for every business?

Ans: It’s a way for new customers to find out about you. It’s a way for you to spread your brand’s message and show the world what you stand for. Your brand’s Instagram page is the new version of your website – it’s a shop window – people will be going on Instagram to check out your business, so you should have something great on display for them to look at.

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Question: According to you, what are the top 3 mistakes committed by organizations today in leveraging Digital Marketing?


  • Not listening to your audience
  • Being too self-obsessed, promotional or boring
  • Buying fake followers assuming no one notices.

Question: What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to the strugglers in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Create a digital marketing strategy for your brand – outlining your business goals, how marketing supports them, what you want to achieve with marketing and how you’ll get there – and consistently implement it. But make room for any new, innovative strategies that will help speed up the process!

Thanks a lot, Corrie Jones for sharing your valuable journey.

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

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