Interview with Bern Permunian, The Content Strategist

Interview with Bern Permunian, The Content Strategist
Interview with Bern Permunian, The Content Strategist – Hasty Insights

Thanks a lot for being with us today. Could you share a few words about yourself to our readers?

Hello, thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I am Bern Kira Permunian. I work as a Content Strategist at Open Look Business Solutions. My day to day task revolves around content research, content writing, content marketing, and other technical CMS stuff. During my spare time, I use my social media accounts to work with my crusades that support and listens to people who are suffering from depression and loneliness.

Question: Do you believe “anyone can make it” and become a successful Digital Marketing expert? Or do you feel one needs a set of core, innate skills?

Ans: Yes. I believe anything can be learned, however, is passionate about a certain field (like Digital Marketing), a love for change and that you love what you are doing, can really make a difference in a long term run.

Question: Share your biggest challenge as a Digital Marketing specialist…

Ans: Staying relevant in the world that constantly changes is challenging. Measuring ROI in a consistently changing platform is more challenging.

Bouncing back from setbacks and adapting to new algorithmic changes, doing some reverse engineering, case study, and research. These are all challenging I’ve been through but there is one important thing that remains the same all the time, Quality and Useful Content is a King.

Question: What is your opinion about the future of digital marketing look like according to you?

Ans: The future of Digital Marketing is more on Automation, Authority, and Personalization.

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Question: What social media tips do you wish every Digital Marketing Expert should know about?

Ans: When you say Digital Marketing Expert, I know you already know things about the field and its technicalities. For me, one should learn further about what it means by marketing and branding. These two terms can help you greatly in your focus, clear your goals, your limitations and on how to incorporate the resources that you have.

Question: Share favorite bloggers you follow and get inspired by…

Ans: I know a lot of bloggers because I was also a blogger before. My life as a blogger was historic as I remember it. From the start until now, I admire Jason Acidre of because of the practicality of his tips and every stuff I read on his blogs are highly applicable. I followed his advice and did my own version of his ways.

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Question: Give advice to newbie bloggers who are interested in creating a blog

Ans: When you’ve found a niche which you can talk about your whole life ahead. Make sure to provide your audience something rare and valuable. No other ways, provide “something rare and valuable“.

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Question: Which Digital Marketing tools do you recommend?

Ans: Everything is on the internet. I can’t really recommend tools. I’ve used a lot of them and one of my tasks is to evaluate a site and do some recommendations based on my findings. I used certain tools but really you can use anything that suits the niche of a site. Do not rely on one tool or set of tools. There is a really distinct and strategic tool for every niche but if something is useful and can make your work easier without putting your output in danger, go for it.

Question: Share the best & worst thing you would like to say about my Hasty Insights blog. Please be open to this question?

Ans: Hasty Insights blog as I see it is a promising place. The color combination is friendly that’s the first thing I’ve noticed. I think there’s a need to improve on its usability standards. Following usability standards guidelines can really help and add some personality on the images can make its brand really more marketable and stand out from the rest.

Thanks a lot, Bern Kira Permunian for sharing your valuable journey. Follow him on Instagram at The Seventh Kira.

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