How to restore WhatsApp chats when switching phones

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WhatsApp is probably one of the most-used social messaging apps in the world and adding to that, the chat app recently clocked 2 billion subscribers globally with almost 400 million Indian users.

There might be myriad reasons for using WhatsApp, especially for its cross-platform compatibility and ease of use. Moreover, you might be using it for official purpose or personal chats and sharing of media. Whatever the reason be, you definitely do not want to lose those chats as they may be important to you. So you backup and restore your chats at intervals to avoid losing important data. But what happens when you want to switch from iPhone to an Android smartphone?

Here is a tried and tested method on how to restore WhatsApp chats while switching from iPhone to Android:

How to export chats from iPhone to Android:

-Open WhatsApp on iPhone

-Swipe to the left on the chat that you want to export

-Once you swipe left, you can see an option of More button apart from the Archive one. Tap on that

-You will then be able to view ‘Export Chat’ option

-Type in the mail ID that you want to export the particular chat to your Android phone

-Tap Send. The chat will be sent to your entered email ID as a WhatsApp chat attachment

The catch: You have to perform all these steps for each and every chat that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Android phone. So, it can get extremely tedious if you want to transfer your entire chat history in this similar manner but, this method can work against all other third-party paid or free apps.

How to import WhatsApp chats to Android

Once you are done exporting each chat from your iPhone to your Android handset, follow these steps to import those chats to your new device:

-Open the mail on which you exported your chat to

-Find the email that contains the exported chat history

-Download the attachment of the chat on your phone

-Next, in order to restore the downloaded chat, delete and re-install WhatsApp on your Android phone from Google Play Store

-Open WhatsApp on your Android phone after downloading the latest version.

-Go through the set-up process.

-Tap RESTORE when prompted in the setup menu.

-After the restoration has completed, tap the NEXT button at the bottom.

Once WhatsApp restores the backup that you downloaded, then all of your chats will appear on your Android device.

Additionally, in order to keep your chat history intact even after uninstall and reinstall the app for any plausible reason or while switching to a new phone, it’s always a good idea to backup your chats and media for future reference, either your iCloud account or your Google Drive.

But, what if you want to switch from Android smartphone to an iPhone and still wish to save all your WhatsApp messages? Well, tough luck!

When you back up WhatsApp on your Android phone, you back up to Google Drive. On the other hand, the iOS WhatsApp app uses iCloud for both backup and restore.

Unfortunately, even if you have the iOS Google Drive app, you still won’t be able to restore your Android WhatsApp files as the iOS WhatsApp will only backup and restore via the iCloud.

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