Ankit Agarwal Interview – Founder of ‘Do You Thng’

Ankit Agarwal Interview - Founder of 'Do You Thng'
Ankit Agarwal Interview – Founder of ‘Do You Thng’- Hasty Insights

You’ve all heard of Ankit Agarwal.

This guy’s got years of experience, a pretty popular blog, and a whole lotta industry power!

Ready to check this interview and learn from a guy whose name gets mixed up with the essential definition of digital marketing?

Go for it!

Question: You are a well-known expert, however, please introduce yourself to our new readers (who aren’t fortunate yet to know about you).

Ans: After realiing, I will not be able to make it as a pro tennis player (wasn’t even close BTW), I started to look out for the next best role. Being one of those who watched television only for the advertisements it showed, marketing was the evident choice. Took to it like a duck to water and never turned back since then.

With 12 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising & social media management, I still get as excited as a child while being handed over a brief, waiting to be woven into a meaningful campaign. Have worked with brands across industries, notable ones being – National Geographic, Durex, Adidas, UNICEF & Maruti Suzuki among others.

Whilst being at my desk, I have been honoured with many awards both at an individual level and at a campaign level. Have also shared the podium a couple of times with industry leaders, on topics like – ‘the future of influencer marketing’, ‘Creative use of technology’, ‘Digital – the way of life’ etc.

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Question: You started off with Assistant Social Media Manager, which ended up Founder & CEO of Do You Thng, Can you please tell us to our readers some of your tactics in order to increase the traffic using the Digital Marketing? Is there any formula for doing that?

Ans: There’s no set formula, everything has to do with what your users want. If you keep giving them something they are not looking it, even the best possible ways of getting more people interested will fail, on the other hand, give them something they need and they will find you from the bottom of the ocean as well.

Question: How did you come up with the idea for “Do You Thng”? Did you start the venture alone?

Ans: DYT wasn’t a Eureka moment. I know for most people idea comes in a burst, but for me, the birth for DYT was a slow burn and a mixture of elements. The concept for the platform evolved while I was in the UK sitting in a park watching every day people do what they enjoy. It was that instant that made me think what if there was a place where anyone could live what they love and earn from it. Yes, the germination was all me. There is no co-founder but I won’t call DYT the effort of a single person. Every person of my small team is as much a reason for its beginning as me.

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Question: What was the most challenging aspect of faced in the early stage of “Do You Thng”? And which KPIs should be monitored in the beginning?

Ans: there is a no different way of saying it – your team is the biggest asset you have. One of the biggest challenges which every startup faces are to get the right people to do the right jobs. In the early days, this should be the only KPI you should gun for. The moment you have the right set of people, you can start worrying about other things as well.

One of the biggest challenges which every startup faces are to get the right people to do the right jobs. Click To Tweet

Question: What does the future of digital marketing look like according to you?

Ans: Cataclysmically different than what it is now. We’re 2 decades into the new century and yet for most brands in India digital marketing is limited to the boundaries of one social media network. Thankfully, both sides of the screen (the creator and the user) are awakening to the fact that there is so much more. Give it five odd years, the power of the digital world will truly be democratic – in the hands of everyday users.

Question: Social Media Marketing vs SEO, you what’s your personal favorite and why?

Ans: SMM, for the simple reason that SEO is more science than art. It is more skewed towards technology, algorithms, and formulas. SMM, on the other hand, has no such set rules and is more art which teaches you to truly connect with another person, which makes me prefer it.

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Question: Can you please important 5 crucial social media marketing trends you see for 2019 that someone should follow?


  1. Tell real stories because it brings engagement.
  2. Using social media for good.
  3. The meteoric rise of micro and nano-influencers.
  4. Be authentic.
  5. Did I mention, be authentic? I am not merely emphasizing on the being genuine. It indeed will become a trend because the current digital natives are too savvy by half for fake personas.

Question: What message or piece of expert advice would you like to convey to our audience in terms of Startup and Digital Marketing?

Ans: Don’t wait for the right moment to happen, it will never come. Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith.

Question: What is your life and leadership mantra?

Ans: No problem is unsolvable, you just have be stubborn enough to find the solution.

Awesome, Ankit Agarwal!

We really appreciated this remarkable answers!

Amazing inputs and splendid thoughts that our users will surely love to get to know!

Don’t forget to check Ankit’s website at ‘Do Your Thng

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